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Children With Special Needs
Yoga For Children With Special Needs
Benefits of Yoga
Improves Coordination
Decreases Stress
Dissolves Emotional Blocks
Improves Well Being

About Us

Welcome to the Yoga for the Special Child

Welcome to the Yoga for the Special Child ® – Sonia Sumar Method India. This website is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the work of the pioneer of Yoga for Special Needs. Sonia Sumar ( Sivakami ) developed Yoga for the Special Child ® over 50 years ago and her work was blessed, supported, and guided by Sri Swami Satchidananda.

On this website you can find the latest updates on courses, talks, educational programs, as well as inspiring stories and testimonies of parents and teachers who practice Yoga for the Special Child®.

Sonia Sumar visits Integral Yoga Institute Coimbatore every year and has been teaching here since 2011.

It is a great honour for us to welcome her here and to be able to share this life changing yoga method with the population of special needs in India. Sonia has qualified trained and licenses Yoga for the Special Child® practitioners across the world.

Benefits of Yoga

The nervous and endocrine systems are balanced and toned. and The brain cells are nourished and stimulated, resulting in increased mental clarity, emotional stability, and a greater sense of overall well being.


Empower children with learning disabilities to enhance concentration, balance, and composure through rapid mastery of fundamental skills.


Consistent relaxation practice releases tension, prevents stress accumulation, calms kids, and enhances focus in their activities.

Emotional Blocks

Pranayama and asanas synergize to balance physiology, dissolve emotional blocks, and unblock vital energy flow effectively.

Well Being

Yoga harmonizes mind and body, fostering balance for overall health, well-being, and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Sonia Sumar, a unique teacher, deeply connects with every student. Each course day brings fresh challenges. By course end, we're prepared to teach yoga to special children with love and confidence. Eagerly awaiting part 2!

  • Ms. Maura cody
  • Yoga for Special Child Instructor,Kodaikanal

Yoga for the special child at Integral Yoga Institute sparked awakening. Learning was enriching. Since January 2017, practicing with my son has been magical. Yoga mellows his hyperactivity. It's a lifelong learning, connecting with self and child, handling challenges, meeting professionals.

  • Mugdha
  • Journalist, Bangalore.

My initial Yoga Teacher Training was with Sivakami. She embodies yogic principles, especially while working with children of exceptional abilities. Her teachings emphasize love, surrender, and seeing possibilities over limitations. Each course with her is enriching and unique.

  • Mrs. Radha
  • Drona Yoga center, Chennai

Sivakami Ma's course enhanced my yoga practice. Her contagious love and dedication transform learning. Witnessing her work with children moved me; their instant connection with her was evident. Grateful for the chance to experience yoga's essence with her.

  • Mrs. Renuka.R
  • Integral Yoga Institute

An eye-opener experience with Soniamaa taught me about love's depth. Despite physical shortcomings, her love for the soul shines. Learnt belief, compassion, spirituality, empathy, and seeing divinity in every soul, loving children more deeply.

  • Mr. VigneshChander
  • CEO, Vinayaga Scientific Works

Initially, she guided us in Hatha Yoga asanas, demonstrating proper techniques and teaching how to assist special children. We discovered they're akin to typical kids internally; their differences stem from mental and physical challenges. Connecting soul-to-soul dissolves barriers.

  • Tina Matthews
  • Software Professional & Yoga for Special Child Instructor