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About Company

Decades of Integrity and Innovation

Geco legend has ironclad statistics when it comes to engineering high-end spectrum of integrated solutions. Our success lies in our means to detailed mechanical manufacturing, acquiring, fabricating and assembling targeted products for offshore skid packages and onshore plants.

Geco legend’s core competencies are recognized globally because of our invariable endeavors at providing long term solutions along the streams of product design & development, manufacturing, supply chain & operations, as well as maintenance to help overcome challenges in the fuel industry.

We constantly evolve and adapt our entire team and infrastructure so as to keep pace with industrial growth and demand. Our high caliber engineering services ensure high quality design & drawings that are time and cost-effective to the client. This outcome is made possible by our accomplished engineering unit through outcome-based solutions right from process pipelining, planning, fabrication, ensuring shop and quality support, inspection & planning, up to cost-out analysis.

Geco warrants legendary engineering solutions to all its clients, ensuring superior services from start to end.